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Welcome to our website. Fifteen years ago, Robert purchased the original Taylor Homestead and bought two Limousin heifers. From that day, the farm has expanded every year and become a well known source of Limousin genetics. The entrepreneur he is, Robert grew his landbase to grow his own feed to feed both the breeding herd and finisher cattle. After many requests from clients and friends,we plan to provide you with the high-end meat products you are looking for. Situated in the Rolling Hills of Caledon, on some of Canada's most productive farm-land, we keep a herd of Limousin Cattle that enjoys the luxury of crystal clean water and home grown grains and forages.

Robert nimmo Farms CowBy following strict health protocols and allowing the animals to grow naturally (without the use of growth hormones) we have been able to create a product that is sought after by today's consumer. The Limousin breed has the ability to marble while staying lean, creating a superior range of meats that is fine textured and tender.

While staying up well past midnight, to assist in calving or bringing in forages from the field, the desire to share the story of Limousin breed and its attributes has brought us to this point and gives you the chance to taste a piece of our story!

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